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How and where to find the best motor insurance policy to suit your own needs

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Picking the best car insurance is very much an individual matter since the best policy for you could be completely unsuitable for someone else. To decide which particular car insurance policy would best suit you, you need to look at your own individual circumstances.

What Type Of Policy Do I Need?
Firstly, should you cover your vehicle with fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft or even third-party only insurance? If you are a young person under the age of 21 driving a car which cost say £1000 or so you may be better off ignoring comprehensive insurance because the additional premium you may have to pay over and above the premium for third party fire and theft cover could easily be much more than the car was worth. On the other hand an experienced driver, driving a more expensive vehicle could well decide that comprehensive was far and away the top insurance choice, with a relatively small increase in premium over the cheaper alternative. There then comes the question of the type of insurance company you want to deal with. Some insurers offer better deals to certain classes of motorist such as females, younger drivers, drivers over 50, offer high-powered vehicles, sports cars, family saloons etc but these insurance companies may well offer uncompetitive quotations to motorists outside these criteria.

‚ÄčIsn't The Cheapest The Best?
Others may offer cheaper quotes overall, but these are not always the best option for everyone since there is almost inevitably a catch; some (not all) of the cheaper insurance companies tend to attract the highest levels of complaints and can be difficult to communicate with, just when you need them. You also need to check the cost of any potential extras you may be liable for; some cheaper vehicle insurers charge heavily for such services as registering a change of address, occupation, parking arrangements etc; and if you don't inform them of these their terms and conditions, often give them an excuse to wriggle out of paying out on a claim! If the top policy for you is the least expensive one, the initial quotation you get from a cheapo insurer may not work out to be the cheapest one at the end of the day.

So What's The Bottom Line?
there is no single best vehicle insurance company, just as there is no single best car. UK motor insurance companies are heavily regulated and we have a very active ombudsman scheme which every UK insurer has to be a member of; it is wise to remember however that a number of insurers operating in Britain are based in other countries such as Gibraltar and they are not necessarily part of this scheme. If it is important to you to have this protection you may be better sticking to a UK-based insurer rather than an offshore one, despite the fact that the latter may be cheaper.
How Do I Find This Ideal Policy?
You have your own unique requirements. First you need to be clear in your own mind just what type of insurer you are looking for - perhaps one of the cheapest, one with a better than average reputation for good service, one with the greatest record of paying out quickly and fairly when necessary. Check prices using a good price comparison engine, paying particular attention to any with special offers that may bring down the cost of the initial premium considerably. Then, finally, read through the policy documents carefully before parting with your money and make sure that you understand and accept just what is on offer and what it not. Only then can you have the assurance of knowing that you've done everything reasonably possible to find your own best car insurance.

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